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It is a system possible to measure in real-time amount of electricity by each wall socket based on the IP-USN and monitor and control energy at the local and central center and a Green U-energy saving system which reduces energy and at the same time is pleasant and convenient for indoor air control and LED light control, etc.
Monitor energy in real-time by each area and each floor of your office and building by measuring energy to use separate wall socket.
Central monitoring and function to alarm and control in using energy over regular level to be set.
Provide functions for separate control for an air-conditioner and group control by each area of a building
Control to dim lights and control groups between areas according to intensity of illumination and amount of electricity by linking an illumination control system of air-conditioner, ventilation fan, heating facility through connecting environmental information sensor like indoor temperature and humidity and
Smooth system design according to a user and a place by easy wireless installation
Monitor energy of your office and building and save energy
Connect with LED illumination system, air quality monitoring system, and climate control system
Save energy in the home
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