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Along established in 2000, the IPv6 is a next generation core infra of the internet and at present the nation has converts into the IPv6 network as a protocol to substitute the IPv4 to face lack of address space.
iBIT has strived to develop the IPv6 technology, an internet protocol of the next generation and its applicable equipment, developed the IPv6 protocol stack on the real-time operating system (RTOS) only by itself and by means of it commercialized the IPv4 / IPv6 Transition solution first domestically. Also, in Nov, 2003, it acquired the IPv6 Ready Logo given by the International IPv6 forum for the first time in the world.

iBIT will provide various goods and technology which our customers need through continuous research and development in order to convert stably into IPv6 network and construct the IPv6 promptly.
Keeping pace with construction of the next generation internet network, it provides the IPv4/IPv6 Transition Solution in order to convert smoothly the IPv4 network into the IPv6.

It supports stably main transition mechanism including NAT-PT or Tunneling to convert IPv4-IPv6 and provides various goods from small-scale Translator to large-scale Translator to support gigabit according to user’s demand.
It provides a function of the SIP protocol conversion(SIP-ALG) and the DNS-ALG to support the VoIPv4-VoIPv6.
As businessman of the VoIP utilizes an existing server or a terminal as it is, it can provide the VoIP service through the IPv4/IPv6 by low cost without additional large investment following the conversion of the IPv4/IPv6.
The Mobile IP is a representative standard protocol to provide mobility in the network based on IP and enables to maintain a connection with opposite node even when a serve-net of a mobile terminal changes.
While, in the meanwhile, the Mobile IPv4 is not activated from diverse restrictions, the Mobile IPv6, keeping pace with a trend to unite fixed-line and mobile of the next generation internet network, provides easier and more convenient mobility of the terminal.
iBIT provides based on the IPv6 technology developed by itself, the function of the Mobile IPv6 Home Agent toward ubiquitous internet possible to access anytime and anywhere.
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