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USN(Ubiquitous sensor network) means a system to collect various information by means of micro mini sensor node and manage and control through self-constructed network. The USN plays a role to perceive physical data including light, sound, temperature, mobility in the physical space, measure them and deliver them through network into the digital world and data collected through the USN can be utilized by various application in numerous fields.

The IP-USN is a USN to apply the IP communication to the sensor node for wide expansion and connectivity with an existing IP network infra on the above characteristics and iBIT develops the IP-USN Sensor Node and Router to apply 6LoWPAN at first in Korea and takes the lead to develop an applicant service related to very reliable IP-USN equipment.
Use the IP protocol to be widely used and to develop and apply a lot of applications at present.
Possible to utilize an existing well-constructed IP network infra as it is and convenient to link
Apply various advantages of the IPv6 including infinite address space, automatic setting of address and mobility.
Compatible for the large-scale sensor network relatively
Easy to develop new applicant service connecting with the BcN(broadband convergence network) and provide the convergence service.
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