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The IP Surveillance means an IP video observance equipment to provide a function to monitor or store real-time high-quality video through internet not relating with time and place.

The IP Surveillance consists of, based on the IP network, a camera, an AV client/server, DVR, and a control server and is a system to provide digitalized video and voice information through the IP network.
Despite the number of channels, it is possible to install and control from one unit to thousands units and to compose as you want according to your hard disk and bandwidth of network.
Efficient utility for network infra and remote connection
It is easy to install by utilizing an existing constructed IP network and possible for wireless connection linking with wireless LAN or mobile communication network. Besides, you can recognize real-time or saved video information though network anytime and anywhere and control them.
System unification and convergence
Because it delivers video and voice information by using an existing widely used IP network, it can utilize diversely video information from various equipments based on the network and easily unify and operate every control and management system.
Installation and reduction of operating cost
It reduces separate installing cost by using current using equipment and network and is easy to expand your system. In addition, because digitalized video information is stored in the hard disk, it supports more excellent definition and convenient than an analog method and an operating cost is low.
Various applications
It utilizes one IP Surveillance system in multi-purpose according to time and place and it can develop various additional services to use remote monitoring function.
Because the IPv6 protocol can give IP addresses all IP Camera terminals by utilizing almost infinite address resources and supports a function to automatically set addresses, it is greatly appropriate for the IP Surveillance equipment possible to connect and control anytime and anywhere. The IPv6 Surveillance has advantages to resolve complexity and inefficiency from lack of address and operate next generation internet network now constructing as it is.

iBIT is the company to lead the IPv6 and provides more convenient and stable IPv4/IPv6 Surveillance system with accumulated technology.
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