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Possible to install conveniently by using the IPv6 protocol suit for the PAN composition
Implement IP communication with control server located at the internet by using IPv6
Sensor Node of TinyOS environment widely used in sensor network
MAC Layer of 802.15.4 class by means of CC2420 used the most in the sensor node
Built-in self-developing very light-weighted 6LoWPAN and IPv6 protocol
IPv6 Global Address Auto-configuration
Possible to operate in battery mode / power mode
The IPv6 USN Sensor Node makes an IPv6 communication with other sensor nodes by using 6LoWPAN in the level of IEEE 802.15.4, collects periodically information about intensity of illumination and temperature sensor and delivers information necessary for the control server. In addition, the IPv6 USN Sensor Nodes are scattered and can deliver information through the LOAD Multi-hop Routing even in the case out of RF area of the IP-USN Router and is appropriate to realize the next generation BcN network and All IP network.

The IP-USN Sensor Node of iBIT is able to operate for a long time to use built-in batter by extremely low electricity design and particularly consists of the IP-USN PAN based on the 6LoWPAN over IEEE 802.15.4 and is the IPv6 USN Node possible to connect with internet network through the IP-USN Router.

HARDWARE Processor 16 bit RISC 32Mhz (MSP430)
RF Interface IEEE 802.15.4
RF Controller TI(Chipcon) CC2420
Internal Memory 10KB RAM, 48KB Flash
External Memory 1MB
Multi-channel Radio 2.4GHz
Data Rate 250Kbyte
Sensor Option Light, Humidity, Temperature
I/O Interface (optional) RS-232 or USB1.1 (Extension)
Power 3.0 ~ 3.3V
SOFTWARE OS TinyOS-1.x/2.0
Protocol Stack IPv6 Core Protocol
(NDP, Stateless Auto-configuration)
6LoWPAN Transmission of IPv6 Packet over 802.15.4 networks
6LoWPAN Neighbor Discovery Extensions
Sensor Routing LOAD
(6LoWPAN Ad Hoc On-Demand Distance Vector Routing)
Sensor Network Protocol UDPv6, ICMPv6
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