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IP Translator matching for Fast Ethernet
Resolve problem for lack of IP address which the IPv4 internet network has
Provide mutual connecting function with IPv4 internet network in the evolution
Support for NAT-PT, 6to4, Configured Tunnel IPv4/IPv6 Transition Mechanism
Support for NDP Auto Configuration, IP-in-IP tunneling
Provide various network applicable expansions
Provide convenient user interface
Possible to install Stand-alone / Rack-mount
The IP Translator Forsix-2100A is a Translator equipment to provide a conversion mechanism to support for natural transfer from IPv4, a current internet network to IPv6 and an embedded system based on the Linux to support both of IPv4/IPv6 conversion protocol and Tunneling protocol.

The Forsix-2100A almost supports various conversion mechanism or tunneling mechanism required in that the IPv6 terminal and the IPv4 terminal communicate, provide an ALG(Application Layer Gateway) function for application program like Web, FTP, VoIP, etc., and guarantees transparent communication between terminals of the existing IPv4 network and the next generation IPv6 network.

The Forsix-2100A is an equipment suit for the IPv4/IPv6 network for the businessman for internet Access network, ISP(Internet Service Provider) and small and medium companies and support a stable conversion in upgrading to the next generation internet with diverse functions.

SYSTEM Form Factor/Type 1U x 19" / Stand-alone or Rack-mount
Processor Intel Celeron 1.2GHz+
System Memory 512MB+ (Max 1GB)
Storage 4GB+
Network Quad 10/100Mb
Ethernet ports
I/O Interface RS-232C(1 port), USB 2.0(2 port)
Display 2 x 16 Character LCD Panel
Approvals CE, FCC
SOFTWARE OS Embedded Linux
Protocol Stack IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack
(TCP, UDP, ICMP v4/v6)
IPv6 core Protocols NDP(Neighbor Discovery Protocol)
Stateless Auto-configuration
Translation Mechanism NAT/PAT-PT (RFC2766)
SIIT (RFC2765)
Tunneling Mechanism 6to4
Configured Tunneling
ALG / Applications FTP, DNS, SIP / DNS Proxy
Management SNMP, CLI, WMI
Miscellaneous Basic Network Utility
ELECTRICAL Input Voltage AC 90~240V
Power Consumption 220W
ENVIRONMENT Cooling Internal Cooling Fan
0°c ~ 40°c
-20°c ~ 75°c
CONSTRUCTION Physical Dimensions 426(W) x 44.4(H) x 270(D)mm
Weight 6Kg
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